How 3 enterprise companies benefited from independent marketing experts

How 3 enterprise companies benefited from independent marketing experts

As the world becomes increasingly digital and competitive, businesses are turning to marketing to help them stand out and attract customers. Brands today are hyper-focused on building reputations, becoming catalysts for change rather than just a product. 

It's why over 77% of people globally believe global brands can create positive change more than the government does. Even more so in the post-pandemic world, where companies have had to reimagine go-to-market strategies (GTM), placing a premium on digital channels and technology to meet customers where they are.

However, finding talented marketing professionals is becoming increasingly difficult. Part of the problem is that today's workforce is having difficulty keeping up with new technologies and platforms constantly emerging, making it hard to find talent with the right skills and experience to keep up. 

The other part of the problem is the increased demand for digital marketing professionals as companies realize the importance of marketing — shrinking the pool of available talent in the market. This talent shortage can also be attributed to the increase in marketing professionals opting to go the independent route

As a result of these factors, it's been challenging to find talent — contributing to higher wages, hiring times, recruitment costs, and more.

Business Leaders Turn to On-Demand Talent Acquisition to Meet Immediate Needs 

At a time where moving with agility is key to capturing future value today and maintaining and expanding one’s market presence, you simply don’t have the time to wait to find the talent you need to bring your go-to-market (GTM) strategy to life. 

One way business leaders like you have been navigating the demand for marketing professionals is by leveraging on-demand talent acquisition platforms like Graphite. Rather than wait two-plus months to find qualified talent, these on-demand talent acquisition platforms enable you to find the talent you need within 24-48 hours. But outside of expediting the process of finding the right person for the role, these platforms provide you with access to subject matter experts with over 15 years of experience on average.

With an uncertain market outlook,  adopting an on-demand talent acquisition model to enhance your current processes can provide you with the flexibility you need to scale and grow as business and customer needs evolve. More importantly, the same talent can be leveraged to upskill your current workforce — providing you with more than just a short-term solution. 

3 Ways Companies Are Leveraging Independent Marketing Expertise  

As a business executive, you know that the success of your product and service is only as good as your brand reputation. Making sure you have a sound GTM plan that enables you to build stronger relationships and trust with your target audience is key. 

Given the vital role that marketing plays in the success of your organization, having the right talent with the right skill sets is essential. Even more so today as customer behavior and emerging communication channels evolve. While navigating the tight labor market can impede your ability to acquire this expertise, this is where a platform like Graphite can help. 

But what does this look like? And how can independent subject matter expertise be leveraged to drive better customer engagement strategies? We've collected these three customer success stories to show you how. 

Achieving The Next Level of Growth 

Looking to become the market leader for providing businesses access to legal talent, this online legal talent platform was looking for an independent subject matter expert to devise its GTM strategy for several new and innovative products. 

Because of the expedited time frame, hiring a full-time employee was out of the question. So it turned to Graphite to find an expert adept at creating and developing marketing programs that drive both awareness and demand. 

Of the five candidates presented to the company, it decided to move forward with a marketing strategy consultant. The selected candidate had over 10 years of experience working with startups, mid-size, and Fortune 100 companies. 

Developing a GTM Strategy in 3 Weeks 

As the global leader in electric vehicles, this innovative technology company has had a hand in shaping the future of commercial fleet operations. So when the company was gearing up to launch a new product that was currently in the concept stage, the head of marketing realized it would need the help of a seasoned brand marketing strategist. 

More specifically, it would need a subject matter expert skilled in building brands and GTM strategies. The goal? To use these insights to develop the business case for obtaining funding for the new product. 

Through Graphite, the company hired an independent consultant with over 20 years of experience. Because of the expert's level of expertise, they were able to quickly deliver value: defining the brand's name, logo, and messaging within three weeks. 

Supporting Future Growth

Despite having an established business that delivers tremendous value to its customers, this regional medical practice management company simply wasn't well known. Its services were only known to a select few. 

After several years of operating under the radar, the company wanted to invest in building its brand to help support its future growth objectives. But the team was lean and lacked the level of expertise required to build a strategic marketing plan. 

Within 48 hours of engaging Graphite, the top four out of 850 independent experts on the platform were presented to the company. Of the four candidates, the company moved forward with an independent expert with over 14 years of branding-building and marketing experience. 

Tapping into Independent Marketing Talent 

Reaching the next level of growth will require you to double down on digital marketing investments that enable you to deliver exceptional customer experiences that are both relevant and personalized. While the talent shortage is expected to continue, leveraging on-demand talent acquisition can help.  

Not only can you address immediate needs to grow your brand and reputation, but independent talent can also be leveraged as part of a comprehensive talent strategy. In fact, in an MIT Sloan and Deloitte research report, 45% of business leaders plan on increasing their use of independent talent moving forward.  

Want to explore working with an independent marketing expert? Connect with an Account Executive today to learn more.

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