Worldwide Drug Manufacturer Expedites Drug Launch with On-Demand Expert

About the Client

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The Situation

How to Expedite Drug Launch Amid Expertise Gaps 

A worldwide drug manufacturer was planning to bring to market new indications for head and neck cancer as well as colorectal cancer. Due to its blockbuster potential as a treatment, the manufacturer didn’t have the expertise in-house to drive the brand marketing campaign. 

Because the manufacturer wanted to launch the new drug in five months, it realized that taking the time to find a full-time employee was out of the question. So the manufacturer decided that its best bet would be to onboard a seasoned independent project manager expert with product launch experience to introduce the new indications to the US market. 

The Solution

Onboarding an Experienced Project Manager On Demand 

By word-of-mouth reputation, the manufacturer reached out to Graphite due to the platform’s deep bench of talent, particularly in the life sciences industry. Within 24 hours of posting the role on Graphite, the client's dedicated  Account Executive (AE) presented a hand-selected group of three independent experts.

The client communicated with the experts via Graphite’s in-app messaging feature before selecting an experienced project manager with a strong track record of driving large-scale product launches at Fortune 500 life sciences companies and consulting firms such as Accenture, Slalom Consulting, and Q5. 

The Results

Launching New Drug in 5 Months 

The independent expert the client onboarded seamlessly stepped into the launch program manager role and hit the ground running from day one. As part of this 5-month project, the expert was responsible for driving stakeholder alignment, developing a risk mitigation plan, and managing timelines. 

The product launch specialist also supported leadership with a "mock day 0" launch plan and execution of a day 0-10 plan. Throughout the engagement, Graphite communicated with the expert and client at select project milestones to ensure the project went smoothly. 

In the end, the client was pleased with the expert's work. Not only did the company launch the new drug within the established timeframe, but it was also able to save $411K by onboarding an independent expert instead of a full-time employee.