Supply Chain Leader Uncovers New Growth Opportunities with a Market Access Expert

About the Client

The Bridge Between People and Products 

Since its inception, this global privately-owned supply chain solutions provider focused on innovating, optimizing, and managing the logistics networks of more than 300 leading brands to reimagine what it means to connect people and products. 

By turning possibilities into reality, the company elevates the customer experience with unrivaled category expertise and operational excellence. 

The Situation 

Uncovering New Growth Opportunities Across the Value Chain

With several timely competitive opportunities on the horizon, the company required an experienced market access strategy expert to identify potential M&A targets. And, they needed to fill the role fast. 

Complicating matters was an ultra-lean Corporate Development staff and constrained budgets.

Although typically reliant on traditional MBB/Big 4 consulting firms for projects such as target analysis, it was determined the traditional method would take too long for sourcing, vetting, and onboarding the appropriate expert. The MBB/Big 4 route was also too costly given current budget conditions. 

The Solution 

Exploring a Proven Talent Acquisition Model 

Due to the multiple challenges, the supply chain company’s Director of Corporate Development decided to investigate an alternative approach. 

Upon discovering Graphite's proven on-demand talent acquisition model, the Director contacted the Graphite team to learn more about the platform. The Director was matched with an experienced Account Executive (AE), who answered the Director’s questions and explained next steps. 

During the meeting with his AE, the Director explained the company’s need for an expert to help assess a new target market's value chain and complete the analysis in a few weeks. The Director also provided the role's requirements. 

Applying his detailed understanding of the supply chain company’s needs,  the AE used Graphite’s AI-driven platform to identify  37 qualified experts. The AE  filtered the options to create a list of four individuals who offered the right expertise, fit the Director’s budget and had the bandwidth to execute the project in a timely manner. 

After receiving the shortlist, the Director immediately interviewed all four experts via Graphite's in-app messaging feature and  quickly selected a former Big 4 consultant. 

The Result 

Rapidly Identifying Prospective M&A Opportunities

To kick off the project, the AE established a dedicated Graphite Customer Success Manager.  Then, the AE and Success Manager met with the Director and the selected independent expert to discuss the scope of work, project milestones, and metrics for success.

With the expectations set, the expert began analyzing the supply chain company's strengths, capabilities, and experience. Next, the expert collected marketing intelligence on current industry players such as: 

  1. Spend categories 
  2. Market relationships 
  3. Inputs and operational/functional areas 
  4. Position on the value chain 

Within six weeks, the expert provided the Director with a detailed snapshot for the new target market. The expert followed up with a potential list of acquisition targets,  enabling the Director to prioritize M&A investment opportunities. 

By leveraging Graphite to supply a highly-skilled, on-demand, independent expert, the supply chain leader gained the necessary information for fueling growth while avoiding an expensive and inflexible traditional consulting contract.  This helped the company make its M&A vision a reality.