Strategy Consulting Firm

The Client

A management consulting firm that offers companies support with streamlining supply chain strategy and improving outcomes for employees, integrating teams, M&A transactions, digital transformations, and much more.

Business Situation

The consulting company was hired by a food manufacturer distributor experiencing supply chain issues with items being out of stock, increased demands, and a high sales volume. To successfully implement the project, the consulting company sought a seasoned supply chain consultant with past experience in helping companies to assess bottlenecks in their supply chain& offer strategic solutions.

Graphite Solution

The client’s dedicated Graphite account executive leveraged Graphite’s proprietary technology to filter through over 185 highly vetted independent operations consultants on Graphite to present a shortlist of four candidates who met the client’s specific requirements.


The management consulting company hired a consultant with over 10 years of supply chain experience and logistics experience and has worked with companies to create a strategy, design process, and system implementation. The expert helped the project team by leading inventory analysis, demand, and supply planning. It involved gap analysis, SKU analysis, and understanding how items are moving. The initial 3-month project delivered outstanding results for the food packaging distributor, and the project was expanded for an additional 3-month duration to optimize results further.