Organizational Change Advisory Firm Drives Enterprise-Wide e-Procurement Adoption

About the Client

Committed to Change Excellence 

Helping enterprise companies attain success is the basis for this global organizational change advisory firm. It works with companies across industries to define success and how to get there through its proven change management approach. 

The Situation

How to Enable Enterprise-Wide Adoption of a New Digital Tool

A government agency was in the midst of a digital transformation initiative, implementing an enterprise-wide e-procurement solution to improve operations and customer satisfaction. By investing in a digital solution to streamline and enhance vendor and supplier management, the agency wanted to improve productivity and enable growth. 

But the enterprise-wide change required mass adoption, structured communication plans, and training. So it turned to the global organizational change advisory firm for support. Once accepted, the firm realized it had bandwidth constraints after experiencing an uptick in demand for its change management services.

Knowing the importance of having a dedicated resource to work on the client project, the firm quickly decided to explore an on-demand talent acquisition solution


The Solution

Onboarding a Certified Organizational Change Expert 

Looking to find a qualified independent change management consultant within a tight time frame, the firm turned to Graphite. After engaging with an Account Executive (AE), the firm was able to review six independent consultants within 48 hours of sharing the project description. 

Using Graphite’s in-app messaging feature, the firm was able to vet and engage each candidate. After carefully reviewing each candidate, it moved forward with a Prosci and Bridges model-certified change management consultant experienced in system and behavioral change methods. 

More importantly, the expert’s demonstrated experience creating toolkits, training leaders and managers, executing communications plans, planning strategic offsites, and working closely with the C-suite were a direct match for the role it wanted to fill. 

The Results

Enterprise-Wide Adoption Leads to Improved Productivity and Operations 

Once the independent consultant was onboarded, they quickly created a readiness assessment. This provided the independent consultant with insights on what needs to change while identifying key stakeholders to serve as the internal change agents to drive the adoption of the new e-procurement solution.  

The independent consultant then coached each internal change agent on their expected role, the measurement for success, how to execute against the communication plans, and coordinated events to drive adoption over 16 months. 

Due to the success of the project and pleased with Graphite’s white glove service, the firm has since onboarded five additional experts on the platform to better address the demand for its change management services.