Medical Practice Management Company

The Client

A southern California-based medical practice management company that helps physicians and healthcare organizations manage their businesses administration processes.

Business Situation

The client had an established business that operated under the radar while delivering tremendous value to its customers. They wanted to invest in building a brand to help support future growth. Their lean team lacked the level of expertise and bandwidth to work on building a strategic marketing plan to achieve the goal.

Graphite Solution

The client’s dedicated account manager filtered through over 850 marketing and branding professionals on the Graphite platform and shared a shortlist of 4 independent consultants. Each expert brought deep experience in the marketing and healthcare space.


The client hired an independent expert on Graphite who had over 14 years of experience in brand building and marketing strategy, with over 9 years of branding agency experience. The expert also brought with them prior healthcare industry experience.

The project was delivered on time and on budget, with the client continuing to experience the long-term benefits of the brand-building initiative.