East Coast Based Strategy Consulting Firm

The Client

A consulting firm that provides research and analysis in the consumer goods and retail, financial services and payment, healthcare, industrial goods and services, private equity and mergers and acquisition and technology industries.

Business Situation

The consulting company had recently completed a supply chain assessment for the food manufacturing client. They had identified opportunities to increase forecasting accuracy, meet target service metrics and improve customer service performance. As a follow up to the project they were looking for an independent consultant who could lead the implementation of the recommendations made in phase one.

Graphite Solution

The client’s dedicated Graphite account executive leveraged Graphite’s proprietary technology to filter through over 185 highly vetted independent operations consultants on Graphite to present a shortlist of four candidates who met the client’s specific requirements.


The consulting company hired an ex-MBB consultant on Graphite with 15 years of experience in the supply chain, demand and supply planning and S&OP. The expert is currently working on designing and implementing improved processes for product manufacturing, supply and demand, and sales and operations. By adopting the on-demand hiring model the consulting company was able to find an independent consultant within weeks to kick off the project. They were also able to smoothly adopt the remote work model by onboarding a remote expert who was the best fit for the project.