Leading Management Consulting Firm

The Client

A leading management consulting firm, focused exclusively on serving private equity firms and their invested companies.

Business Situation

The company was leading a pricing strategy project for one of their clients that would involve analyzing over 1 million rows of data. They sought a data analyst capable of creating a pricing hypothesis and driving both analysis and multivariable regression elasticity analysis for a pricing analysis and optimization project.

Graphite's Work

The client’s dedicated Graphite account executive leveraged Graphite’s proprietary technology to filter through over 110 highly vetted independent data analytics consultants on Graphite to present a shortlist of four candidates who met the client’s specific requirements.


The client hired an independent consultant onGraphite with a Ph.D. in economics and over 15 years of experience in analytics. The consultant led a detailed current state analysis to identify pricing opportunities based upon products, channels, order size, etc., as well as performing price elasticity multivariable regression analyses to determine optimum price by SKU. In addition, they identified pricing KPIs and developed pricing dashboards