Last-Mile Logistics Real Estate Firm Designs Strategic Growth Roadmap

About the Client

Powering the Supply Chain of Tomorrow 

This real estate firm is on a mission to transform the logistics of the real estate industry. To accomplish this goal, the firm works hard to meet the needs of the modern supply chain by providing its clients the scale, geographic footprint, and logistics expertise.

The Situation

How to Create a Strategic Roadmap to Drive Growth 

With more than 5,800 customers and 400 million square feet of logistics facilities across key distribution markets, the firm keeps an eye on current trends to identify ways to provide continued value to its clients. 

After conducting a planning session with key stakeholders on improving productivity and enhancing the way operations should run, a series of digital transformation initiatives were identified. The firm wanted to invest in customer experience, automation, and more. 

But the firm needed help managing all the moving parts of the digital transformation. More importantly, it needed a subject matter expert that could create a strategic roadmap for executing its vision. 

The Solution

Onboarding a Strategic Ph.D. Expert On Demand    

Having heard great success stories about Graphite, the firm connected with an Account Executive (AE) to learn more about the platform, talent pool, and engagement terms. Within 24 hours of posting the role on Graphite, the AE presented a hand-selected group of three independent experts.

The firm communicated with the experts via Graphite's in-app messaging feature before selecting an experienced strategy consultant with a Ph.D. in environmental science and data analysis, helping startups, enterprises, and investors identify points of growth, predict disruptions, and adapt to market shifts.

The Results

A Roadmap Designed for the Future 

A meeting between the AE, the firm, and the expert was set up to ensure that everyone on the project was aligned with the scope of work. 

After nailing down the metrics for success and establishing next steps, the expert immediately stepped in to get a sense of the firm’s current state and the vision the firm wanted to execute.

The expert met with each stakeholder, aggregated the company's business capabilities, and analyzed projected technology investments and desired outcomes to present insights and recommendations that would inform a detailed and strategic roadmap. At the end of the four-month strategic initiative, the expert presented a roadmap that helped the firm translate its vision into an actionable plan to drive future growth. 

Due to the project's success, the real estate firm onboarded five additional experts via Graphite's platform to facilitate the execution of their digital transformation initiatives.