Healthcare Consultancy Drives Complex MRI Safety Process Improvement Initiative

About the Client

Healthcare Management Consultancy

Based out of California, this healthcare management consultancy aims to improve healthcare across the US. Its internal experts work with leading healthcare organizations to improve access, boost quality, optimize internal performance, and reduce overall costs. By offering a tailored approach designed around each client's unique context and needs, the consultancy helps healthcare organizations reach the next level. 

The Situation 

Lacking the Capabilities To Support Major Client Project

One of the consultancy's clients, a large educational institution, was looking to undertake a major project. The client wanted to improve its MRI safety process as assigned by the academic health system's Office of Strategy. They needed a specialist who could take the lead on all project stages, from initiation to post-implementation support. 

This project manager would have to be comfortable performing current state observations, facilitating process and value stream mapping activities, and reviewing and analyzing data as needed. They would need to be able to conduct root cause analysis and facilitate future state visioning.

Additionally, they'd be tasked with coaching teams through the process change and implementing required improvements. Lastly, they would have to implement mechanisms for sustained improvements, such as control charts. 

Undertaking a project of such magnitude was in the wheelhouse of the healthcare management consultancy. But it had a problem.Its project managers were currently assigned to other client initiatives and couldn't take on this new assignment. 

The consultancy had three choices: either tell the client they couldn't help (and risk them going to a competitor instead), hire a full-time project manager with healthcare systems expertise, or explore an independent consultant that could be onboarded on demand.

The first option was untenable, as the consultancy didn't want to lose this valuable client. Likewise, the second option wouldn’t work — it would take too long to source, interview, and onboard the right full-time candidate.

So, they chose the third option: exploring on-demand talent acquisition for an independent expert. 

The Solution 

Onboarding an On-Demand Health System Process Improvement Project Manager

Having heard of Graphite’s on-demand talent acquisition model, the hiring manager at the healthcare management consultancy decided to request a meeting with an Account Executive (AE) to learn more. The AE provided the hiring manager with a look at the network and how to track hours, pay experts, and communicate with experts on the platform. 

Pleased with the level of detail, the quality of talent on the network, and the prospect of finding talent within 24-48 hours, the consultancy arranged a second call to provide the scope of work to the AE. 

After pinpointing exactly what the consultancy was looking for, the AE created a project description, shared it for approval with the consultancy, and posted it on the platform after it was signed off. Over 26 candidates were identified. Two of the identified candidates were invited to be interviewed by the consultancy. 

The expert selected for the project was an industrial engineer with rich healthcare-specific expertise. They had over seven years of experience improving clinical and non-clinical processes, having previously worked at Cleveland Clinic and possessing a Lean/Six Sigma education.  

The Result 

Rolling Out Healthcare Process Improvement Initiatives for a Leading Educational Institution

Graphite connected with both the consultancy and expert to ensure expectations were clearly communicated. The AE provided milestone dates to check in on the project's progress and to ensure that the consultancy and experts were satisfied with the engagement. 

Once this phase was complete, the independent expert quickly hit the ground running, taking the lead on implementing the end client’s process improvement initiatives as directed by the academic health system’s Office of Strategy. 

The expert revamped the institution's MRI safety training and education — developing an educational program, devising leadership training, and developing a roadmap for continued training and development. 

Using 5S methodology, the expert set to work on right-sizing MRI safety equipment, creating an equipment standard for all rooms. They also leveraged equipment and facilities assessments to develop an implementation plan/roadmap for all equipment needs and associated financial impacts. 

Once this plan was agreed upon, the expert moved into the implementation phase while setting up the mechanisms for sustained improvement. 

The client was delighted with the consultancy’s support as the process improvement initiatives were enacted without any hurdles. As the project scope evolved, the consultancy’s client extended the project. In turn, the firm retained the expert to continue working on the initiative. 

The consultancy was pleased with Graphite's white glove service and the cost savings they were able to realize by onboarding an independent expert on demand ($209,857 as a result). Since working on this engagement, the healthcare management consultancy has used Graphite for another initiative.