Global Pharmaceutical Company Drives Financial and Supply Chain Transformation

About the Client

Progress Every Step of the Way

Keeping people well at every age and every stage of life is what drives this world leader in pharmaceuticals. By striving to improve access and affordability, creating healthier communities, and putting a healthy mind, body, and environment within reach, the company is profoundly changing the trajectory of health for all. 

The Situation

How to Form a Business Partnership in a Supply Chain Transformation 

Amidst the global supply chain crisis, this leading pharmaceutical company was undergoing a supply chain transformation. As the supply chain leaders reconfigured business operations, the company required a finance expert to partner with in

  • Developing driver-based financial forecasts
  • Framing results based on business drivers
  • Managing month/quarter close
  • Performing financial modeling for business cases and future investments

But the company had a problem. It lacked capacity and was unable to dedicate a resource to the 9-month project. So the company decided to research an alternative approach to address this subject matter expertise gap in the team.

The Solution 

Onboarding an Experienced Finance Expert on Demand 

Once the leading pharmaceutical company connected with Graphite, it learned that an experienced financial expert could be onboarded in days. 

Within 48 hours of posting the project on Graphite, the company’s dedicated  Account Executive (AE) presented a hand-selected group of three independent experts.

After an initial review of the shortlisted independent experts, the company partnered with their AE to further fine-tune the requirements. Leveraging that feedback, Graphite’s dedicated team for the company followed up with a new set of two curated experts.

As these experts were closely aligned with their subject matter expertise needs, the company initiated the process of communicating with the experts via Graphite’s in-app messaging and video conferencing features. 

The seamless tools on Graphite enabled the Director of Finance to invite their colleagues to the process. Together they selected an experienced financial expert with over 17 years of experience at multinational organizations such as Cardinal Health, CIT Commercial Bank, and American Water.

The Results

Successful Collaboration Drives Transformation 

The pharmaceutical took just 12 days to onboard the independent expert. Time was of the essence as the supply chain leaders required a financial partner to reconfigure aspects of the business. 

As part of the 9-month project, the independent expert managed forecasting and budgeting, modeling, and project accounting. Throughout the engagement, Graphite communicated with the expert and client at select project milestones to ensure the project went smoothly. 

The supply chain leaders would not have been able to embark on the journey to build a more resilient supply chain if it weren’t for the collaboration with the independent finance expert. The company’s supply chain and finance team partnership enabled the leading pharmaceutical company to drive business transformation. 

With a supply chain crisis on hand, this global pharmaceutical company knew it had to do something fast. While reconfiguring its business operations, the supply chain team identified a subject matter expertise gap. Needing to address the gap quickly, the company turned to Graphite to find and onboard an experienced financial expert within 12 days.