Global Management Firm Leads Supply Chain Transformation with Expert Data Analyst

About the Client

Accelerating Business Performance 

A leader in risk, strategy, and people, this global leader in management consulting helps clients navigate a dynamic environment to optimize business, improve operations and risk profiles, and drive organizational change to seize the most attractive opportunities. 

The Situation

How to Drive Analysis for Supply Chain Optimization 

A manufacturing client was undergoing a supply chain transformation to improve operations and business performance. However, the firm lacked the bandwidth to manage the project. It needed a data analyst with prior supply chain experience to analyze large data sets, map data, create models, and summarize the analyses.

Given the expedited time frame for the project, finding a full-time employee was out of the question. Doing so would take too long, and the project had to be completed in six months. So the company decided to conduct market research for an alternative approach to talent acquisition. 

The Solution

Finding a Seasoned Data Analyst with Big Four Experience

The firm needed an expert with strong analytical skills from a traditional Big Four background. After learning more about Graphite and engaging with its content, the firm felt confident Graphite’s deep bench of talent from top consulting firms could deliver a resource to drive the analytic aspects of the client’s supply chain transformation. 

Within 24 hours of posting the project on Graphite, the client's dedicated  Account Executive (AE) presented a hand-selected group of three independent experts.

The client communicated with the experts via Graphite’s in-app messaging and video conferencing feature before selecting an experienced supply chain data analyst with past experience at EY. 

The Result

Supply Chain Analysis Drives Business Transformation 

The independent expert the client effortlessly onboarded began the analysis of large data sets, mapping data in the SQL server, and working with Excel to create models and crunch numbers. Once the analysis was complete, the expert created a summary deck to present to the leadership team. 

More than pleased with the results, the management consulting firm praised the expert for the ease demonstrated to senior leaders while presenting the summarized analysis. 

The analysis and recommendation became critical to the success of the supply chain transformation for the manufacturing client. Without the expert’s analysis, identifying areas of improving supply chain performance and operations would be difficult and negatively impact the company’s bottomline. 

Given the ease of using the platform to communicate with the expert and to review and pay for hours worked on the project, the firm has gone on to use Graphite as its sole partner to enable a more agile workforce. 

Since this engagement, the firm has completed 11 additional projects with Graphite.