Leading Pricing Firm Facilitates CPQ Transformation with Former MBB Expert

About the Client 

A Unique way to Drive Growth 

This global consultancy firm is regarded as the world’s leading pricing advisor, delivering measurable revenue and profit growth by optimizing customers’ pricing, sales, and marketing strategies better and more sustainably than anyone else. 

The Situation

Looking for an Expert to Drive CPQ Transformation

A client was undergoing a digital transformation effort to update their CPQ (configurator, pricing, quoting) software to enable agility and efficiency in its business operations. To build a better CPQ tool, the technology team needed pricing logic documentation that guides the software to configure the right product and price point. 

Due to capacity restraints at the management consulting firm, it needed to engage an outside resource to create the set of questions to guide the software, extract key information from a team of engineers, and translate it to an Excel deliverable. 

The Solution

Onboarding a Former MBB Consultant On Demand

The firm needed an independent consultant with prior MBB experience. After conducting market research, the firm reached out to Graphite due to its demonstrated track record of including a network of experts with Big Four experience on the platform. 

Within 48 hours of posting the project on Graphite, the client's dedicated Account Executive (AE) returned to them with a hand-selected group of five independent experts.

The firm communicated with the experts via Graphite's in-app messaging and video conferencing feature before selecting an experienced strategy consultant with past experience at McKinsey. 

The Results

Unlocking More Agility and Efficiency via CPQ Transformation 

Once onboarded, the independent expert immediately used their strong facilitation skills, conducting information gathering sessions with a team of engineers to inform the pricing logic documentation that guided the new CPQ software.

The expert then synthesized all the data points and translated them into an Excel deliverable. Within three months, the expert was able to facilitate the launch of the new CPQ software, enabling the business to operate with more agility and efficiency than before.

Not only was the end client satisfied with the end result, but the firm was able to save $171,971 by onboarding an independent consultant over a full-time employee.