Exiger Expands Cybersecurity Services with Acquisition

About the Client

Revolutionizing the Way Companies Manage Risk 

Exiger is harnessing the power of AI and big data to prevent, identify, and mitigate the risks associated with doing business in today’s global economy. Its award-winning technology is designed to help legal, risk, and compliance professionals tackle some of their biggest challenges, equipping them with smart solutions to confidently make business decisions. 

The Situation

Expanding Services Offering via Acquisition

Exiger is on a mission to provide companies with the cybersecurity it needs to thrive in today’s increasingly digital world. As the company looked to expand its portfolio and deliver additional value to its clients, Exiger sought an acquisition to further bolster its services. 

The decision to acquire a competitor came after Exiger had experienced exponential growth. Given the evolving nature of cybersecurity, disruptions, and threats, the business felt that an acquisition would further strengthen its portfolio and offer businesses even more technology-driven solutions.

There was just one problem. Exiger didn’t have M&A expertise in-house to manage the transaction. 

To evaluate the acquisition, the company needed an M&A expert to drive various aspects of the deal, including creating a bank book to secure financing, financial modeling, and synthesizing due diligence for executives.

The Solution

Onboarding an M&A Expert to Lead the Due Diligence 

Without M&A resources in-house, Exiger contacted Graphite to initiate a search for an independent expert. It needed a seasoned expert who could lead multiple tasks throughout the lifecycle of the acquisition, most importantly creating a bank book.

A Graphite Account Executive (AE) collaborated with the company to understand the business need and to accurately scope the project. Five of the 22 candidates that applied were shortlisted by the AE and presented to the client. The client then used Graphite's in-app messaging tool to communicate with three candidates before selecting one with over nine years of experience in private equity. They also had a track record of over 20+ closed M&A transactions in various industries, including manufacturing, risk and compliance, technology, and healthcare.

The Result

Acquisition Expands Tech Services to Radically Improve Fraud Detection 

The independent M&A expert who led the project began to build the narrative of why the client should acquire the target. 

First, the independent expert synthesized data room material, including but not limited to legal, sales, HR, finance, and tax, to assess the transaction from all perspectives and tell the story succinctly to the C-Suite.

A driver-based operating model was created from this exercise that demonstrated how the target was expected to perform. It evaluated both sides — itself and key value drivers influencing performance and opportunities to create synergies. 

Based on that insight, the expert created a bank book, including the target company's financials, historical background, and projections. 

The independent expert became a valuable resource from the start of the project. The thoroughness and ability to complete tasks quickly and efficiently enabled Exiger to move forward with the acquisition. Throughout the entire engagement, Graphite held regular check-ins with the client and expert using Graphite’s in-app messenger. 

With the acquisition, the company expanded the deployment of its AI products to more effectively solve complex, data-driven challenges. By doing so, it enables companies to build resilience today for the threats of tomorrow.