Ex-McKinsey Strategist Leads Digital Transformation for Logistics Client

About the Client

Accelerating Business Performance 

A leader in risk, strategy, and people, this global management consulting firm helps clients navigate a dynamic environment to optimize business, improve operations and risk profiles, and drive organizational change to seize the most attractive opportunities. 

The Situation

Paving the Way for an Integrated Technology System Post-Acquisition 

A leading logistics company had recently acquired an e-commerce business. Due to the lack of integration between the acquired and legacy systems, the company was experiencing incompatibility issues impacting business operations and performance. 

Intending to develop a coherent product roadmap and go-to-market strategy, the company needed subject matter expertise to triage existing issues and develop a strategic plan to ensure a smooth transition to one technical environment. So it engaged the management consulting firm to help. 

Since the project was within the firm's expertise, it quickly jumped in to understand the core issue better. With more clarity around the appropriate response, the firm moved forward with setting up the scope of the engagement. But when reviewing its talent strategy, the firm realized it had a bandwidth constraint. 

Because the logistics company wanted to complete this initiative in eight weeks, the firm didn’t have time to wait for a project manager on another account to become available for this engagement. Rather than add to its existing project manager’s plate, the firm decided to explore on-demand talent acquisition to start work on the project quickly. 

The Solution

Leveraging an On-demand Talent Acquisition Platform 

After learning more about Graphite and engaging with its content, the firm felt confident Graphite’s deep bench of talent from top consulting firms could deliver a resource to drive the workstream planning, execution, and reporting of the logistic company’s digital transformation. 

Within 24 hours of posting the project on Graphite, the firm’s dedicated Account Executive (AE) identified 12 independent experts that fit its criteria. The AE reviewed each candidate and presented the top four candidates to make the process more efficient. 

Using Graphite's in-app messaging and video conferencing tools, the firm communicated with each candidate to review their qualifications. After completing this process, the firm moved forward with an ex-McKinsey strategy and project management technology leader with demonstrated success in: 

  • Removing operation or IT roadblocks
  • Aligning teams
  • Setting milestones for clients

The Result

Digital Transformation Improves Business Performance 

Before initiating the engagement, the AE set up a meeting with the client, expert, and Graphite's customer success team to discuss the scope of work. This ensured a smooth onboarding for the firm and expert as issues and questions were addressed. 

Once onboarded, the independent expert began by identifying, triaging, and resolving critical integration roadblocks. With two technology environments post-merger (AWS and Azure), the logistics company had difficulty prioritizing what work needed to get done.

The expert partnered with the Head of Product, interfacing with senior clients daily, and led a small consulting team to help the business reconcile issues and transition to one technical environment. With a coherent product roadmap and a go-to-market strategy in place, the leading logistics company was able to improve business performance and streamline operations. 

The independent expert became a valuable resource from the start of the project, leveraging their extensive digital transformation expertise to lead strategy and oversee technology development and delivery, as well as day-to-day interaction with C-suite executives. 

By bringing clarity and developing the project's vision, the expert was able to push through roadblocks and reconcile technologies to ensure the leading logistics firm improved operations and benefited from a significant digital transformation.  

Pleased with the ease of managing the expert and paying them through the platform, the firm has since gone on to use Graphite to meet other immediate project needs – hiring 10 additional experts across 13 engagements.