Enterprise Risk Management Framework Enables Business Transformation

The Client

A Leading Multinational Investment Bank

This multinational investment bank works closely with its clients to understand business needs and provide ideas that power growth. They deliver a broad range of bleeding-edge financial services and innovations that transform the way transactions work, from personal banking to small business loans.

The Situation

An Overload of Data Hinders Business Transformation

Identifying and mitigating risks before they happen is key to ensuring that a business not only survives during uncertain times, but thrives. Such was the case for this leading multinational investment bank.

After deciding to undertake a business transformation initiative, leadership decided not to move forward until they’ve completed an ERM framework. This is a tool used to identify future risks.

Once those risks are identified, the company can develop appropriate solutions and responses which empower it to proactively mitigate future threats.

But to develop an ERM framework, you have to review a vast amount of data. And therein lies the problem.

The company had a gap in the team to execute this crucial portion of the business transformation initiative. Combined with the expedited nature of the project, it realized it would need to bring outside expertise to develop the framework.

More specifically, the company would need to find a data-driven project manager who could analyze and synthesize the data and present key findings to leadership.

The Solution

A Data-Driven Financial Expert with Banking Expertise

After reviewing Graphite, its network, vetting process, and platform, the company engaged an account executive (AE) to start the search for the independent project manager.

A key component that would determine the AE’s success is if they were able to find someone with a deep financial background and experience working with multinational investment banks. Within 48 hours, the AE received three applications for the project.

Upon review, the AE decided to use their knowledge of the platform to dig deeper into the pool of qualified independent risk management experts. After careful review, the AE found the perfect candidate that could seamlessly integrate into the company’s team and culture.

The selected expert? A former management consultant with over nine years of experience working for the likes of S&P Global, Barclays, and more.


A Thorough ERM Framework Enables the Business Transformation Project to Succeed

Since the strategy for the ERM framework was already completed, all the expert had to do was run through the data.

Once the expert analyzed and synthesized the data, he developed both the framework and the presentation to discuss key findings.

Delighted with the results and excited about the next phase of the project, the company retained the project manager to execute the framework.

Because of the quality of the expert, ease of use of the platform, and the white-glove service of both the AE and the customer success team, the company has decided to continue partnering with Graphite on an ongoing basis.