Global Pharmaceutical Company Goes to Market with Breakthrough Drug

About the Client: 

Leading The Way for Innovative Medicines 

Creating ground-breaking medicines that improve communities and patient outcomes around the world is at the heart of everything this global pharmaceutical company does. The mission of this pharmaceutical company is to use its global reach to improve and provide healthcare access to all. 

The Situation:

How to Develop the Best Go-To-Market Strategy for New Drug Launch

Innovation is the bedrock of the life sciences industry. Without it, breakthrough medicines wouldn’t be developed. As a result of COVID-19, the speed at which vaccines and therapies come to market has significantly improved — resulting in better patient outcomes. 

The same was true for this global pharmaceutical company. In its mission to create a better world through innovative medical solutions, the company was looking to launch a new first-in-class gene therapy for an ultra-rare disease. 

To prepare for the launch, the company conducted patient targeting, segmentation, and stratification analyses to help determine the launch strategy of a promising new treatment. But due to the condensed timeline and hours required, the company lacked the resources in-house to facilitate the product launch on time.

Because of how long it would take to find a full-time hire to lead this initiative, the company decided to instead look for an independent expert it could onboard on demand. 

The Solution: 

Onboarding Patient Services Expert With SHYFT NOVA and HIPAA Experience

With the clock ticking on finding the necessary talent to launch this unique therapy drug, the company conducted market research to survey its options. After learning more about Graphite’s quality of life science expert, vetting process, and white glove service, it decided to schedule a call with an Account Executive (AE). 

Working with the AE, the company described its needs in detail. The expert that would be leading a small team in successfully launching this new drug to the market would need to be able to 

  • Deliver strategic recommendations after analyzing patient data,
  • Conduct in-depth analysis of existing ultra-orphan disease populations
  • Use SQL serve to extract and analyze insights 

Given the expedited nature of the project, the AE used their knowledge of the platform to invite eight candidates to apply for the project. 

The company reviewed each candidate with internal team members and decided to onboard an experienced expert with proven patient data analytics experience at large healthcare organizations like Walgreens. 

The Results:

Successful Launch Gives Hope to Patients of this Ultra-Rare Disease 

The expert began the project with a thorough research analysis using Jira and SQL, digging into the data to extract insights that would aid in strategic recommendations. With the information on hand, the expert collaborated with leadership, patient services, and strategic planning to develop the product launch plan. 

During the six-month engagement, the expert became a trusted partner after demonstrating their initiative, drive, and finesse in managing the team to lead the launch. Due to the positive results, the company decided to retain the expert to facilitate the execution. 

As the expert and the company worked together on the initiative, Graphite conducted several meetings along key project milestones to ensure its success. 

Close communication and payment were enabled by the ease of Graphite's platform, resulting in all parties having a positive experience.