Consulting Firm Powers Enterprise Risk Management Transformation for Multinational Investment Bank

The Client

East Coast Based Global Consulting Firm

Providing clarity, delivering insights, and aligning business objectives to key business outcomes serves as the foundation of this global management consulting firm’s mission. They operate with sensitivity to each client’s risk tolerance, corporate culture, and situational constraints to deliver results that maximize results and generate lasting value.

The Situation

In Need of a Data-Driven Financial Services Consultant

When a multinational investment bank engaged the management consulting firm to undertake a business transformation project, they realized they had a gap.

Although the consulting firm had a core risk management team that could help create the strategy for the business transformation initiative, they needed someone to sift through a vast amount of data and develop and roll out an enterprise risk management (ERM) framework.

An ERM framework provides companies with a clear vision of any possible risks that may lie on the horizon. In turn, it enables them to develop responses for any number of identified scenarios proactively.

Given the tight turnaround of the project, the consulting firm needed to find a project manager that could hit the ground running once onboarded. So they turned to Graphite to find an expert on-demand that could:

• Analyze a large data set

• Synthesize the information

• Present key findings to the client

It was also critical for the selected expert to have deep financial experience, a plus if they’ve worked with multinational investment banks/firms in the past.

The Solution

Talent with Data Expertise and Large Financial Banking Experience

After engaging with their Graphite account executive (AE) and posting their projects on the platform, the client quickly received three applications for the project. However, they lacked one key element: experience working with big financial institutions.

Knowing the depth of independent risk management experts on our platform, the Graphite AE knew he could find the right candidate. Someone that could seamlessly integrate into the team while checking all the boxes for the consulting firm. Within 48-hours, the AE presented the client with a curates shortlist of independent experts.

The client evaluated and onboarded one of the presented experts -- Chris M. As a former management consultant, Chris had over nine years of experience as a compliance and data strategy leader at companies like S&P Global, Barclays, Accenture, and more.

Chris also had experience managing the roll out of similar large-scale business transformation and data strategy projects, similar to the needs expressed by the consulting firm’s client.


Great Work Evolves Into an Extension

Once onboarded, Chris hit the ground running — reviewing and synthesizing the data to develop the groundwork for the ERM framework. He was able to align effectively with the consulting firm’s consulting frameworks, and the end client was delighted with the end results.

To help scale the results from the business transformation project the end client and the management consulting firm made the decision to extend the engagement with Chris. Not only was he a natural fit with the firm’s culture, but he’s a great asset that can help them bring the business transformation project to a close.

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Consulting Firm Powers Enterprise Risk Management Transformation for Multinational Investment Bank

Learn how a global consulting firm rolled out a large-scale ERM project for their client.

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Key roles identified and onboarded

Eager to onboard a team that could achieve results within six months, the client and their dedicated Graphite account manager partnered to determinze the specifications for each of the four roles. They were:

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Gabriela Ziffermann

Digital Messaging Program Manager
  • Provide expertise in creating digital two-way communications compliant with federal government regulations (via text, email, and online portal)
  • Working with internal developers and product managers to implement the messaging rollout.
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