Boutique Consulting Firm

The Client

Defining What it Means to Be a Trusted Advisor

Helping clients and colleagues pursue their greatest potential is what this boutique consulting firm is all about. Specializing in strategic management and technology consulting, it acts as a trusted advisor every step of the way. Whether it’s human capital management, business strategy, operational excellence, or more, the firm is committed to being a partner who understands how to turn strategy into guaranteed results.

The Situation

Pandemic Serves as Impetus for Supply Chain Transformation

Companies have fast-tracked digital transformations in the wake of the pandemic. What once took two years to plan and execute now took a few months to accomplish. More than just survival, digital transformation has also served as a competitive advantage for companies adopting emerging technologies to overhaul their supply chains.

Such was the case for a leading events logistics company after being severely impacted by the pandemic. To ensure its survival, the decision was made to double down its investment in digital transformation. Knowing the vital role the supply chain plays in the business’s performance, the events logistic company engaged the boutique consulting firm on the supply chain transformation piece as part of a larger, enterprise-wide initiative. The existing warehouse logistics processes were manual. It lacked the ability to provide the event logistics company with the real-time data it needed to make data-driven decisions.

So the company invested in SAP WMS (Warehouse Management System), a market leader in software systems. Its automation capabilities enable seamless inventory management, invoice and purchase order creation, and bid and supplier management.

With the right system selected, the client tasked the boutique consulting firm with onboarding a program manager to ensure the implementation would stay on track due to the client’s expedited timeline.

Given the complexity of the transformation, the consulting firm realized they would need to bring a subject matter expert that could:

  • Lead and execute the integration
  • Conduct stakeholder management
  • Collaborate with teams and provide guidance
  • Manage risks and mitigation
  • Build presentations/slides

The Solution

An Expert with a Track Record of Big Transformations

With the project scope on hand, the boutique consulting firm reached out to their Graphite account executive(AE) to source an independent expert. After reviewing 445 profiles on the platform with relevant ERP modernization experience, the AE presented four hand-selected independent experts to the client that they knew could deliver on the project’s goals.

Using Graphite’s in-app messaging and meeting room features, the boutique consulting firm hired a well-rounded PMP-certified business executive with transformation experience. The expert’s background in helping large companies such as Dell Technologies, PwC, and Accenture revitalize the digital experience for their employees, customers, suppliers, and more really stood out to the consulting firm.


Setting the Supply Chain Transformation Up for Success

Because of the condensed timeline, the independent expert joined the project during the design phase. The client struggled with understanding the full scope of the transformation, placing the project at-risk to meet its timeline and budget expectations.

By quickly partnering with the client to course correct — aligning stakeholders and much-needed resources — the independent expert was able to save the company time and money.

The independent expert accomplished this by owning and driving the engagement to help the event logistics company run through the implementation of the new software. Together they developed a high-level overview, conducted stakeholder and task management activities, and built presentations to ensure all teams were talking to get everyone back on track.

In the end, the consultant successfully exited the design phase — preparing the business to be ready for the next phase of the project, which included a pilot launch in the US. The client also gained a new regional logistics model, which will enable it to manage and automate all supply chain activities moving forward.

Throughout the engagement, Graphite held periodic check-ins with the client and the independent expert to ensure the success of the engagement.

As the scope of the engagement evolved, the client extended the project with the independent expert due to the success of the initial part of the project. Now the independent expert is working with the end client and the consulting firm to ensure a successful launch of the client’s SAP WMS instance.