When and where to onboard an accounting consultant

When and where to onboard an accounting consultant

Many small businesses and startups reach a point where hiring expert accounting help is needed. But even in a large corporation or venture capital or private equity firm, additional accounting expertise might be needed for an important project, initiative, or a merger, acquisition or divestiture. In many of these cases, hiring an accounting consultant or CPA consultant is a smart and cost-effective strategy.

Why It Makes Sense to Hire a Consultant

Hiring an independent consultant allows a business to save costs by hiring a part-time or interim resource and avoiding the overhead of a permanent, full-time employee. It’s also an opportunity to tap into a global talent pool and hire a highly qualified resource with extensive industry knowledge and experience. Consultants are often able to meet temporary, project or long-term needs with a level of flexibility and expertise that isn’t available in your organization or through a staffing firm.

When to Hire an Accounting Consultant

Accounting consultants are an excellent option when you need help with:

  • Establishing proper accounting practices
  • Producing financial forecasts and projections
  • Analyzing financial statements
  • Identifying key opportunities to save money
  • Reconciling accounts
  • Preparing for audits
  • Understanding tax implications and regulatory requirements
  • Navigating a merger, acquisition or divestiture
  • Replacing absent team members during medical or maternity leave
  • Adding resources during busy seasons

In these and other circumstances, an accounting consultant can help you collect, analyze, and interpret your financial data and provide specialized advice based on industry best practices and personal experience. A highly qualified consultant can bring a wealth of insights to help you assess financial performance, risks and opportunities, as well as develop the right accounting systems and practices to ensure accuracy, efficiency and compliance.

Where to Find the Best Accounting Consultants

If you’ve identified a need for specialized accounting expertise and you’d like to hire a consultant, the next step is to find the right candidates, conduct interviews, and choose the best resource for your business. At Graphite, we offer one of the world’s best ways to find and hire pre-vetted and highly qualified accounting consultants, CPAs and other financial professionals. Our network includes some of the top independent accounting and financial experts in the world.

By signing up and searching on our website, you can hire top accounting talent via flexible, hourly contracts that are significantly more affordable than hiring through big firms or staffing agencies. Our network includes more than 4,000 professionals who are carefully screened to meet the highest standards for education, qualifications and experience. Graphite professionals have an average of over 10 years of experience in their field, and each has at least two years of experience working for a top firm.

In addition, more than 1,000 of our professionals have an MBA from a top 10 U.S. business school, and hundreds more have MBA from top global programs such as INSEAD and the London Business School. If you’re looking for an accounting consultant with the skills, insights and expertise to meet your important financial needs, we’re happy to help. Visit https://www.graphite.com/ to sign up and start your search now, or feel free to contact us for help in answering any questions, finding and hiring the right candidate, and learning more about the advantages of hiring top-tier talent through our service. You can also read some of our past blogs for some great advice, including A Beginner’s Guide to Hiring Consultants Online and 7 Ways to Maximize Your Success with Freelancers.

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