How Deal-Making is Driving Transformation in Pharma/BioTech: What's ahead at the Fierce BD&L Summit

How Deal-Making is Driving Transformation in Pharma/BioTech: What's ahead at the Fierce BD&L Summit

The speed of transformation in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries continues at a rapid pace as M&A deals surge and companies digitize operations and invest in patient-centric business models. The Fierce BD&L Summit brings together top business development professionals to network, learn, and share insights to drive transformation in Pharma. 

M&A deals were on the rise, after a flurry of deals announced in mid-to-late December 2023, M&A value for 2023 reached $215 billion, up 51% from 2022 and closer to pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels. Experts project activity levels in the $225 billion to $275 billion range across subsectors in 2024.

The BD&L summit in San Francisco comes at the right time to give the industry leaders insights, tools, and strategies to drive decision-making in a rapidly changing industry. 

Here are some of the key trends we're eager to explore:

1. Understanding Deal Dynamics to Make Smart Transactions 

Gaining valuable insights into the inner workings of big pharma’s deal-making landscape is an essential theme for this year’s event. With practical guidance on identifying priorities, engaging with decision-makers, and navigating the complexities of the current economic environment can help drive successful collaborations and transitions within the industry.

2. Positioning Deals to Win Investment

Knowing the deal drivers, financing options, and emerging trends in the current economic landscape can help better position ventures to raise capital. The sessions will provide actionable insights into the intricacies of regulatory changes, macroeconomic conditions, and emerging technologies that are influencing investment strategies and portfolio allocations.

3. Optimizing Investment to Maximize Capital Efficiency 

Having the right investment strategy in place can have an impact on future growth. Leading industry players will share how companies can strategically deploy their capital to build an innovation constellation that maximizes returns and drives sustained growth.

4. Leveraging Technology to Negotiate and Evaluate Platform Deals 

Enabling technologies are changing the landscape of platform deals. Sessions featuring leading experts will delve into how the latest advancements in drug discovery platforms leveraged AI, gene editing techniques leveraged CRISPR, and how digital health solutions are transforming healthcare delivery and patient care. 

5. Onboarding the right talent cost-effectively to power transformation 

As pharmaceutical and biotech companies seek to drive transformational growth, they are bound to face unique challenges. Having the right talent at the right time, in the most cost-effective model, will be crucial to successfully executing key initiatives. And traditional talent acquisition models are holding enterprise leaders back. 

They are hence, increasingly relying on the proven on-demand talent acquisition model to onboard independent consultants that offer unparalleled expertise and guidance, catalyzing strategic evolution and driving sustainable growth in an ever-changing market.

Helping you achieve your strategic business goals

Find us at the Fierce BD&L Summit to discuss how independent experts on Graphite are enabling enterprise leaders to:

  • Streamline due diligence efforts
  • Define effective GTM strategies
  • Building complex financial models to optimize investment decision-making 
  • Successfully execute post-merger human capital, process optimization, and technology integration plans

See you there!

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