Graphite simplifies the onboarding of on-demand experts with a brand new offering

Graphite simplifies the onboarding of on-demand experts with a brand new offering

Today, we have launched Graphite Solutions to provide enterprises an easy way to purchase the most frequently posted projects as pre-packaged services from the leading experts on our platform. This new approach also gives the highly skilled experts on the platform the ability to generate more revenue by making their most in-demand skills available for purchase seamlessly. 

“This is a win-win for our clients and our experts,” said Vikram Ashok, CEO, and Founder of Graphite. “Over the years, we’ve found patterns in projects for which clients consistently trust Graphite experts and we wanted to make it easier for them to get started with such projects. It also makes things easier for our experts who can now get inbound interest for projects they know they can deliver and skip the steps of finding new projects and applying for them.”

In Q3 2020, enterprises spent 120% more on the hiring of technology experts on-demand on Graphite compared to the same time period last year. As companies needed to increase investments in digital capabilities during the pandemic, they looked to Graphites experts more than ever before. The trend continued in October 2020 where the spending on technology expertise was up 5x compared to October 2019. Similar patterns of increased need for on-demand experts are visible in market research, finance, and operational expertise as companies make their plans for 2021. 

“The acceleration of the work-from-anywhere trend has resulted in a surge in the hiring of on-demand expertise. We noticed that our customers were turning to us more than ever before and it became important to accelerate our platform roadmap to make life easier for our clients and experts,” Ashok explains.

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