Getting Hands-On Help with Onboarding Consultants Online

Getting Hands-On Help with Onboarding Consultants Online

For many companies, hiring consultants and freelancers online isn’t something they’re comfortable doing. You might be looking for top business talent, but you may be skeptical that an online hiring platform will deliver the qualified candidates they need.

You might also prefer a more curated approach to hiring, including hands-on assistance with conducting a talent search, interviewing candidates, and onboarding your new hire.These are all perfectly reasonable concerns, particularly for corporations, startups and firms that are used to traditional hiring channels such as executive search and staffing firms.

However, hiring top-tier business talent through an online platform doesn’t have to be a risky or self-service proposition. At Graphite, we offer access to an online network of over 5,000 pre-vetted and highly qualified independent consultants, but we do so with the option of working closely with us to ensure a great fit for your business.

It’s what sets us apart from many other companies that automate their service models and hide behind technology and websites while leaving their customers to fend for themselves. We take an entirely different and client-centric approach.

For those who prefer self-service, our platform makes it fast and easy to post a job, find pre-qualified candidates, and hire top-tier consultants. But we also have a dedicated team of Graphite representatives available to work closely with you to find the right candidate and to help you throughout the hiring process, from start to finish.

We provide personalized assistance with everything from scoping out a particular project and curating a list of qualified candidates, to developing company-wide strategies for leveraging on-demand consultants and securing buy-in from key stakeholders. In simple terms, we combine technological innovation and online hiring with old fashioned customer service.

With Graphite, you can actually reach a live person, by email, phone or video conference, and we’ll walk you through any part of the hiring process. In some cases, we can even make a face-to-face visit to discuss your larger hiring needs.

You also get the benefit of our rigorous pre-vetting process, which screens all prospective members of our network. Our team reviews and personally interviews each candidate and applies strict qualification standards before a consultant is admitted into our network and even eligible to interview for any job you post.

Only 1 in 20 candidates is granted admission, and we also use web-based tools and verify employment and history to ensure there are no inaccuracies and no indicators of unethical behavior or litigation. Our qualification standards are also very strict. Every Graphite consultant must have experience working with a top-tier organization such as:

  • A Big Three consulting firm
  • A Big Four accounting firm
  • A Fortune 500 company
  • A bulge-bracket investment bank
  • A similar high-caliber firm.

We also require that each candidate has at least two years of professional work experience in one of the following fields:

  • Investment banking
  • Management consulting
  • PE/VC
  • Corporate development
  • Marketing
  • Information technology
  • A closely related field

Ultimately, by hiring through Graphite, you’ll get access to great candidates matched to your business needs. And when you work with our team, we’ll help you assess those needs, identify key requirements, write a job posting and description to match, and curate a list of outstanding candidates.

As needed or requested, we’ll help you through the search and interview process, and we’ll provide tips on how to make the right hire and onboard your consultant for maximum success. If you have any questions or additional needs, we’ll be happy to answer and address them.

By providing this high-touch and service-oriented option, we help many organizations take their first steps into online hiring or gain greater comfort and achieve more success with the online hiring they’re already doing. Getting started is as easy as checking out our website and giving us a call or sending us an email.

To get an idea of the kind of professionals you can hire through Graphite, you can visit our Professionals page to learn more about our network and how to start your own search for candidates. Or contact us directly to get answers to your questions and get hands-on help with your search. Call us at 415-805-7047 or email

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