Employee vs contractor: Pros and cons

Employee vs contractor: Pros and cons

Advantages of Employees

Looking to build a strong team? Employees are an important part of any business. Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring an employee:

  • Loyalty and Team Spirit: Employees feel more loyalty to the company, which can often result in higher levels of productivity. The employees are looking to grow with the company, which can be beneficial for the long-term outlook of the team.
  • Cross-Training: It is possible to teach employees other roles and skills that are needed for various departments in the company, allowing a diverse and flexible workforce.
  • More Control: As a business owner, you have more control over the workflow and actions of an employee. If you want to closely monitor the work that needs to be completed, then you should choose an employee instead of a contractor.

Advantages of Independent Contractors

Want to save money? An independent contractor might be the way to go. Here are a few reasons you should hire an independent contractor:

  • No Cost of Benefits: Independent contractors don’t receive benefits such as health insurance, so you don’t have the cost burden of those benefits.
  • Lower Overhead: When you hire an independent contractor, you don’t have to provide office space, payroll services, or other types of overhead costs that are incurred for regular employees.
  • On-Demand Work: If things slow down, then you can reduce the hours that the independent contractor is working. Their time is flexible, and is catered to the needs of your company.
  • Focused Skills: Contractors have a very specific focus of skills and services that are offered, and the time spent on the project brings a higher skill set than what can be found with general employees.

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