Best Practices for Onboarding a Graphite Independent Consultant

Best Practices for Onboarding a Graphite Independent Consultant

Hiring independent consultants has become an increasingly effective strategy for finding highly qualified business talent. Startups, small businesses, large corporations and even venture capital and private equity firms are all turning to independent business experts to tackle important projects and initiatives.Some of the most common business cases are in finance.

For example, you might be looking to hire a CPA or an an interim or part-time CFO, senior financial analysts for financial modeling and projections, or qualified experts in investment banking and consulting. Other cases might involve hiring an independent consultant to serve as a marketing director or CMO, a business strategist, or a project manager to guide a major product launch.

Whatever your business case may be, if you’re looking to hire a freelance professional with management and executive-level skills and expertise, Graphite has become the leading online resource. It’s a way for organizations to find and hire pre-vetted and highly qualified talent for an array of important business needs. If you’re considering hiring a professional through Graphite, we have some best practices and recommendations you should keep in mind. Make sure to consult these before posting your project and seeking qualified candidates.

1. Deciding Whether Your Project is a Good Fit for Graphite

  • Most organizations use Graphite to hire pre-vetted and highly qualified professionals for short-term or part-time roles and special projects. Typically they’re seeking candidates with proven management or executive-level experience, an advanced business education, and specialized skills in finance, strategy, marketing, information technology or other fields. Specific industry experience is also frequently desired.
  • Given the high value of such experience and expertise, organizations need to have the budget to afford top-tier talent. At Graphite, the cost to hire one of our professionals typically ranges from $75 to $400 per hour, depending on the required level of experience, expertise and industry knowledge.
  • If you have the need and budget to hire a highly qualified professional in one of the above areas, then your project is probably a good fit for Graphite. Just login or visit us at to get started. However, if you’re still unsure, our team is here to help. You can always email us at

When you contact us, please describe your project and the type of experience required, and we’ll help you make an assessment. We can also walk you through our platform, answer any questions about our service, and provide suggestions tailored to your specific hiring needs.

2. Creating & Posting Your Project

Before you create and post your project on Graphite, keep in mind the following important considerations and best practices:

  • Only post a project if you have a high probability of needing a resource. Routinely posting projects that get delayed or cancelled will negatively impact your ability to attract great professionals. At the extreme, problems of this sort could result in the suspension of your account. So please make sure you need a resource or simple wait until the time is right.
  • Only post a project if you’re serious about hiring and you’re ready to actively engage with candidates. Responsiveness to candidates is something we take very seriously, and it’s important for landing the right professional for your project. For larger engagements, be prepared to engage with some of our Graphite team members as well. They may reach out to you to provide additional assistance and support.
  • When posting your project, make sure to include as much detail as possible. Include a detailed description along with proposed deliverables and desired qualifications and work experience. This will help you attract the most relevant and qualified candidates for your needs.
  • If there is additional relevant information you’d like applicants to know, and it doesn’t fall under one of the posting categories, feel free to add more details in the “About the Role” section. For example, if the type of experience required falls under “other,” describe what this means. As another example, if the project requires occasional travel to client sites, explain how much travel will be involved. Always err on the side of providing more description rather than less.
  • A project posting is not binding. That said, the more accurate the posting is, the faster you’ll be able to agree on final terms with a professional and begin work.
  • Remember that your personal information is kept confidential when you post a project. We don’t recommend disclosing the name of your company in the project posting.
  • Keep in mind that the price you indicate will determine the types and number of professionals that apply to your project. If you need help with pricing your project, contact us for current rate recommendations to help you get the most relevant talent.

3. Choosing the Right Professional

When you’re choosing to invite professionals to your project or reviewing applications and counter-offers, there are some additional tips you should keep in mind:

  • Look for professionals that have the most relevant work experience, and look for candidates who indicate a strong interest in your project in their application.
  • Begin reaching out to candidates quickly. Our professionals are in high demand and are often speaking to multiple clients about potential projects. Make sure to secure their availability before they’re hired for another engagement.
  • Speak to multiple professionals and ask in-depth questions about their relevant experience and qualifications pertaining to your project. Schedule phone calls and interviews as needed, and make sure both sides are clear about your needs and the nature and scope of the proposed work.
  • Request and conduct reference checks, particularly for larger, higher-stakes projects. You should also ask for work samples if they’re relevant to your project. To gather more insights about a professional, make sure to read client reviews from past Graphite projects as well.

Ready to Hire Your Graphite Expert?

If you’re ready to find and hire a pre-vetted independent consultant with the experience and expertise you need, visit now. Use our convenient search to find top business talent, and sign up to post your project today.

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