Since 1986 Composite Tooling Corporation has been recognized for its quality products, single source responsibility and “can do” attitude. We have served, with distinction, the unique needs of many government laboratories, civil, and military organizations in the United States and Europe.

Composite Tooling is ready to help you fully explore the superior material properties of composite materials. Our innovative, customer oriented, manufacturing processes will enable you to undertake more ambitious missions, and produce superior quality parts, on time, within your budget.

Our capabilities include prototype engineering, tooling, fabrication, production and testing.

Thanks to the brilliant imaginations of our customers, we have fabricated lots of interesting composite structures includi ng:

  • ultra-light gliders
  • remotely piloted vehicles
  • Indy race car parts
  • missile fairings
  • radomes
  • gimbals
  • propellers and wind tunnel blades
  • optics benches
  • custom enclosures
  • rescue boards & mounts

We have state of the art process capabilities which include:

  • autoclaves
  • vacuum bagging
  • filament winding
  • foam sculpting
  • custom mold machining
  • metal bonding

We emphasize the imperatives of “manufacturability” and “produceability” by identifying cost drivers, minimizing part count, comparison of fabrication techniques, and looking beyond initial costs to life cycle costs, repair, reliability, and durability.

From one-of-a-kind prototypes to long production runs, we are equipped and ready to serve your needs.

Stop by and see us sometime. Thanks for your interest.


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