Sponsorship Write-up

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Payment Rate
$175.00 Fixed
Est. Duration
2 days

About The Work

Corporate Strategy & Development - Ongoing Strategy Support
My company sponsors real estate development and investment. Started in 2011 and has completed two large real estate developments ($80mil) and the acquisition of a note, foreclosure and work-out of the collateral ($6mil). I need a Sponsorship write-up as I now set-up a website and seek to leverage the past experience to seek new opportunities. I will send various pages of text describing the past projects (along with photos) and need them distilled down into the deliverables. Need SMART writer

Other Prerequisites

1-5 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Entrepreneurial/start-up experience (MBA pref); ability to write very well. Smart, savvy, practical, who can take my real experience, real operations, resume and make short Sponsorship write-up.

About The Client

We invest develop and manage real estate investments $1million to $50 million.....
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