Review of Financial Forecasting Model for Independent Media Company

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Work Remotely
Starts on 6/19/15
Payment Rate
$125 Fixed
Est. Duration
3 days
Est. Intensity
9 hr/week

About The Work

Finance & Accounting
Ongoing Finance Support
Audit existing financial forecasting model or build improved model to project 3 mo, 6mo and 12 mo timeframes for use in business planning for post-rev independent media company. All data is pulled from Quickbooks, so it's organized and easy to work with. Model should be repeatable for future use and allow for manual inputs.


1-5 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Candidate will have extensive experience building financial models, likely with a background in investment banking, management consulting, or as a CPA. Experience with digital media companies a plus.

About The Client

Post-rev media start-up.
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