Real Estate Expertise with Solid Writing Skills

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$55 /hour
7 days
10 hr/week

About The Work

Sales & Marketing - Ongoing Sales & Marketing Support
Project Description
I need a professional to create a newsletter focused on the single-family home ("SFR") investment market. The template should include information important to fix and flip investors, hard money lenders and other professionals (crowdfunders, attorneys, etc.) that participate in the space.

The template should include important content that can be sourced on a weekly basis to match the frequency of the newsletter. This job would fit an individual with a background in real estate private equity or a former research analyst. This job may lead to further content creation to support the single-family investment space by providing quality content and tools for their business, such as pro-forma financial models, forecasting, FP&A, etc.

Other Prerequisites

1-5 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
I am seeking a professional that is knowledgeable about real estate, has technical skills, has experience creating visually appealing marketing materials (for deals / or ad content) and is creative.

About The Client

A mortgage brokerage firm that specializes in residential (business purpose) real estate financing for value-add and long-term real estate investors.
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