Process design & re-engineering project focused on enterprise Microsoft platforms (Excel & Word)

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Occasional travel to New York, NY  
Starts on 1/17/19
Payment Rate
$125 /hour
Est. Duration
14 days
Est. Intensity
20 hr/week

About The Work

Process Design / Re-engineering
We are a boutique management consulting firm helping a financial services client improve the efficiency and quality of their customer deliverables. We have identified opportunities around better use of Excel, Word, and other Enterprise-level Microsoft platform and integrations. We seek an expert in these platforms with a focus on helping companies improve template management/governance/ deployment and address interoperability between platforms with manual cut/paste and updating processes.




5-10 years professional experience

About The Client

We are a boutique management consulting firm that helps successful, established companies create and leverage growth platforms and better utilize digital capabilities to drive their businesses. We serve both for-profits and non-profits with focus in the B2B information and membership association spaces.
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