Investment Banker to turn raw company data into an executive memo for Market Presentation

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Work Remotely
Payment Rate
$110.00 /hour
Est. Duration
7 days
Est. Intensity
30 hr/week

About The Work

Corporate Strategy & Development - Ongoing Strategy Support
We need a virtual team member with experience in drawing up executive memorandums to outline a New York City based company to a possible investors/acquirors who have made an in-bound inquiry. Most of the relevant financial data has been assembled; some narrative writing in relation to the company's history and plans, as well as light research into the market, would be needed. Must have analyst characteristics, with experience taking data and translating it into a format suitable for market presentation.

Other Prerequisites

1-5 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Experience Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst with Executive Memorandum writing experience, capable of converting raw data into a market presentation for buyer's review.

About The Client

We provide transaction management and deal finder services to clients around the world. These services entail identifying core client business goals, structuring and negotiating workable deal terms, conducting due diligence, negotiating and drafting transaction documentation and guiding clients and their local advisors through the execution of the transaction, and assisting with post-transaction integration of acquired assets and resources.
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