Financial Modeling for Music Rights Transaction

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Work Remotely
Payment Rate
$150.00 /hour
Est. Duration
7 days
Est. Intensity
5 hr/week

About The Work

Finance & Accounting - Financial Modeling
My team is preparing an Offer document for the sale of music rights to a third-party investor.

Currently we have several worksheets which contain our raw data/calculations based on a variety of performance scenarios and a detailed narrative which explains our methodologies.

We require guidance in the following areas:

- Assistance in properly constructing a Cashflow Statement and Balance Sheet based on the raw data
- Review of the Summary worksheet, including suggestions with regards to the formatting. The goal here is to provide an easy-to-read bird's eye view of the opportunity (including IRR, NPV calculations).
- Identifying any "red flags" in our data which would reflect negatively on the investment opportunity
- Overall review for accuracy, clarity and professionalism (based on the highest industry standards)

Other Prerequisites

10-15 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Investment analyst, preferably with experience interacting with family offices and/or media/entertainment-related transactions

About The Client

Creative talent discovery, assessment and placement
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