Financial Model of a Company

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Payment Rate
$200.00 /hour
Est. Duration
2 days
Est. Intensity
28 hr/week

About The Work

Finance & Accounting - Financial Modeling
Build a financial dynamic model of a company from Bloomberg financials I provide in Excel format, maybe supplemented with data from SEC financials if need be.

So basically I have the IS, the BS, the SCF, and so you just need to link them up and make them balance and project.

I have the historical financials by qtrs and yrs downloaded from Bloomberg for all pertinent time frames, in Excel.

This needs to be four parts: 1) Revenue Build, 2) Income Statement, 3) Balance Sheet, 4) SCF.

This needs to be a dynamic projection model, such that all flows through, and balance sheet always balances, cash balance never negative etc.

This does NOT need to be a hyper detailed banking model, however, where all the tiny extraneous stuff is projected as well. No need for subsidiary sheets/ledgers etc.

This just needs to be a really good clean sell side/buy side model.

Other Prerequisites

1-5 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Ideal person is somebody who spent years building models at an investment bank, is really good at modeling, can work both fast (knows how to do it) and diligently, and really knows what the're doing.

About The Client

Fundamental equity research
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