Financial Model for Insource Credit LLC

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Work Remotely
Payment Rate
$83.00 Fixed
Est. Duration
12 days

About The Work

Finance & Accounting - Financial Modeling
We are raising seed capital for a start up asset based lender. Currently engaged in a capital raise. Once we break escrow we will then seek to obtain a $20MM+ warehouse line for the actual lending. Once we show we can make a buck, , we will go back to raise $50MM.

I have inputs for the financial projections. I also have a PPM for the seed capital raise and the credit policy manual which I can send to the analyst. I didn't understand what the application date means, I am interested in getting this done asap as we are in the middle of our capital raise.

Other Prerequisites

1-5 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Need high Excel skills to produce financial projections - also, Power Point skills to produce a slide deck. I have important inputs for the projections.

About The Client

asset based lender in stat up mode - raising $450M seed capital to be followed by $20MM + warehouse line to begin lending. PPM available for review.
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