eCommerce Website Features Expert and Critic to ID Best-in-Class Performers

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Work Remotely
Starts on 4/21/19
Payment Rate
$75 /hour
Est. Duration
7 days
Est. Intensity
40 hr/week

About The Work

Data Science / Analytics
Data Collection / Research
We are looking for an eCommerce website features expert and critic to identify best in class features and functions for a one week (40 hour) project.

Would like to see how you can put together case studies when looking at the content, how visually engaging it is, etc.

You will need to sign an NDA.




5-10 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Have a working knowledge of eCommerce retailers and best-in-class performers/innovators for this project, as you will be helping illustrate this as part of a value prop score card.
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