Developing a Value Proposition for Investors

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Work Remotely
Starts on 1/7/19
Payment Rate
$600 /day
Est. Duration
4 weeks
Est. Intensity
5 hr/week

About The Work

Corporate Strategy & Development
We are working with a financial services provider, who are known for impact investing in the property sector.

As part of a strategic review of this client, we would be exploring its value proposition to investors, to help unlock further growth opportunities.

Areas which we would be focusing on:
1) Impact investing in an emerging market context (e.g. urban regeneration in fast-growing cities; funding of young entrepreneurs)
2) Developing a compelling value proposition to investors
3) Identifying implications on the firm's operating model

The role would involve researching driving forces shaping the property/impact investing sector, examining investor value propositions from comparable organisations and working (remotely) with the on-site team, identify potential implications for how the firm might operate in future (note: the full development of a customer value proposition or redesign of the firm's operating model is outside the scope of this phase of the project).


Financial Services
Business Services


10-15 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Working and/or consulting experience in Property finance or related sectors is required. Experience in emerging markets is an advantage.
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