Business analyst/graphic designer

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Work Remotely
Payment Rate
$125.00 /hour
Est. Duration
4 weeks
Est. Intensity
6 hr/week

About The Work

Corporate Strategy & Development - Ongoing Strategy Support
Prepare investor presentation with graphics, charts, financial projections & overall superb visual layout.

The client is a fast growing, EU licensed, electronic payment services provider, headquartered in Paris, France. The Company has a history of 2.5 years of successful operations, providing services in France and Germany; including mobile, online and agent based, international remittance payments. The client has prepared a teaser & is in the process of selecting an advisor. The client is considering Series B funding to fuel its growth and geographical expansion, secure necessary working capital and invest in its own blockchain technology ventures. The Company is looking for up to €10 million equity/debt financing from interested financial and institutional investors.

Other Prerequisites

1-5 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
+3 years of investment banking/graphics experience. Must be available during EU time zone.

About The Client

France based international money remittance company
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