B2B Sales and Marketing Consulting

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Work Remotely
Starts on 12/20/18
Payment Rate
$125 /hour
Est. Duration
8 weeks
Est. Intensity
20 hr/week

About The Work

Sales & Marketing
Go-to-market Strategy

We are a management consulting firm specializing in B2B sales and marketing. Our projects typically consist of a combination of various solutions or assessments. Projects can vary from segmentation, territory design, sales org design, pricing, quota setting, compensation, talent assessments as well as Marketing. We are looking to build a pool of Sparehire folks to be part of a team and deliver these projects this year and next. Looking to identify folks to then award the work to as it comes in. If you have B2B experience in providing these solutions please let us know. See www.SalesBenchmarkIndex.com for more information on what we do.


Media & Entertainment
Financial Services


5-10 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Must have B2B sales and marketing experience. Having past consulting experience at a management consulting firm is desired.

About The Client

B2B Sales and marketing consultancy
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