A new Senior Health and Wellness City.

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Work Remotely
Payment Rate
$150.00 Fixed
Est. Duration
12 days

About The Work

Corporate Strategy & Development - Ongoing Strategy Support
We are looking for business plan development for capital raise. The new venture is a Real Estate/Technology/Healthcare play in a fast growing section of Florida. The project will contain several business entities, however what we are looking for is from 10,000 ft as we will develop out the smaller business models fully, later after funding is soft circled. Consultant will need to obtain both marketing data and industry data to base assumptions in the plan.

Relevant investment banking and management consulting candidates will both be considered.

Other Prerequisites

5-10 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Someone who has vetted hundreds of big land, health and tech deals; has written and can show proof of winning decks/BP; and is capable of delving into the required research, to produce a great package

About The Client

This year the leading edge of the baby boomer generation will turn 70. Behind them comes a tsunami of seniors, making the 55+ demographic the fastest growing segment of the US population, and per capita, the wealthiest. Unlike their parents, as this group becomes seniors they are more enlightened about their health and wellness options, expects to live well and be active as they age, and strongly prefer convenient and customized options.
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