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Management Consulting
Snider Consultancy, LLC - Owner
03/2003 - Present
1)Business Valuation-examples: Investment Bank, NY; Hurricane Shutter Mfg.; Specialty Mfg; Gift Tax Related, TX, GA, AL, Bio-medical start-up, GA; various start-up/venture capital projects
2)Litigation Support-examples: Divorce/Allocation of Marital Assets , Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, General Litigation
3)General Consulting-examples: International Banking/Insurance, Various Start-ups
Note: Company Inactive while at ACE, Ltd
Also Present Employment- Still active

Investment Banking
Hunter Wise Financial Group, LLC - Managing Director
06/2009 - 02/2015
Investment Banking and Advisory- Current projects:
-$150 MM raise, Real Estate Fund
-$30 - 100 MM, raise, VC Fund
-$15 MM raise for REIT Start-up
-$5 MM Wealth Management start-up
-$500 K raise drone sales start-up

Management Consulting
MSB Global Business Alliance - Chairman, Co-Owner
12/2008 - 09/2012
1)Chaired/Financed International Business Conferences for AM&AA, UK and Germany
2) Consulting re European Companies coming to US
Closed as it was essentially the same as Snider Consultancy

ACE, Ltd. - CFO, Life Segment, SVP Global Operational Initiatives
04/2006 - 11/2008
1)Responsible for world-wide financial reporting for Life Insurance Segment
2) Assisted company in growth from 5 to 17 international locations (Asia, Europe,Middle East,Africa)
3)Established US GAAP reporting for foreign operations
4)Established International G/L initiative, including establishment of life insurance specific G/L
5)Assisted in the purchase of a large US life insurance company (due diligence, financial modeling, GAAP issues)
6) Led Financial Due Diligence re several purchases

Primerica Financial Services (formerly a part of Citigroup) - Various: EVP- Int'l, CFO, Controller, Treasurer, Asst. Controller
11/1980 - 02/2003
1)Led Int'l Expansion Team:
a)Performed & presented research (EU, MX JP)
b)Built extensive financial models
c)Est'd Pan European Life Operations
2)Built PFS Acctg Department and company's internal control system
3)Principal role in ALWC/MLICO merger; Purchase of ALW & Assoc; several company reorganizations in US and Canada
4)Built basis of Commission and Policy Admin Departments
5)Built Reinsurance Department
6)Led G/L Conversion
7)Assisted with Corp Litigation
8)Board Member- various