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Management Consulting
Grahampton & Co - Interim Consulting Engagement Lead and CXO roles (COO, CMO, CSO)
04/2008 - Present
- Architecting and leading strategic growth drives, operating improvements, and capital raises; more often than not resulting in breakout corporate performance gains.
- Growth (strategies, implementations, from $0 to $440M rev)
- Marketing (strategies, plans, digital) (+80 projects)
- Capital Raises (strategies, decks, plans, offerings) (+125 projects)
- Organization (redesigns, improvements) (+25 projects)
- Market research, opportunity analysis, competitive intelligence (+175 projects)

Private Equity
Various: Sequoia, Columbus Newport, PA Consulting UK, Khashoggi Inv. Holdings - COO, CSO, CMO
04/1993 - 04/2008
Two decades of leadership experience in senior OPERATIONS and CONSULTING roles delivering breakout revenue growth, business transformations, and new capital formations. Rare dual perspectives of both chief strategist and chief implementer that has yielded 25% to 55% top-line rev. increases, 15% to 45% EBITDA improvements and 150% to 400% share value growths in revenue settings from $5 M to $3.4 B. Consummate organizer, planner and implementer of some of the most complex initiatives imaginable.

Management Consulting
Various: Global consultancies, PA Consulting, CN - SVP, Partner, Managing Consultant
10/2000 - 03/2008
From consultant to the level of Partner/Global Practice Head responsible for the full life cycle of engagements, from the management of an IPO to the global rollout of a satellite-enabled telecom service. Leader of client engagements spanning 33 industrial sectors including automotive, banking, consumer goods and services, education, entertainment, financial services, luxury goods, manufacturing, non-profits, offshoring, power generation, telecomm, technology, and transportation.

Various: RMRC (now part of GfK Global) - COO, Head of Research-Consulting
01/1996 - 01/2000
Professional market researcher, chief designer, and chief analyst, leading research projects in the Consumer and B2B spaces. COO of a 1,600-person, 72-office professional market research firm and head of a 270-person advanced research and market consulting practice. Working with global brands, corporations, banks, and investors to understand consumers and businesses in 50 countries.