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How do pricing and payments work on Graphite?

The pricing referenced in the project posting is indicative. You should finalize key terms with the Client, including pay rate and project scope, as well as having the Client officially "hire" you via the Graphite platform before commencing any work. This will activate the Graphite suite of work management tools for the project, which include time tracking. The rate you agree to with the Client is gross (inclusive of Graphite before fees). Make sure the correct gross rate has been entered before beginning work on the project, otherwise your invoices will be incorrect.

You must log all billable work time via the “Track & Manage” page on your active project. The Graphite platform will automatically invoice the Client for your logged work time on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule (depending on the project and client). Note that for fixed rate projects you will need to manually invoice the client via the “Send Invoice” button.

Once the Client receives an invoice, they have a 10 day period to settle or dispute it according to our standard payment terms. When a Client payment for an Expert’s invoice has been received by Graphite, the Expert will be paid out on the following Wednesday via bank transfer from Graphite as part of our standard weekly payouts run.

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