Case Studies

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Zaelab, a digital commerce consulting company, was seeking a mid-level consultant with a strong technology background to provide support for a B2B e-commerce project. The project involved evaluating a large enterprise digital commerce platform to determine revenue increase and consolidation opportunities. They needed someone who knew how to effectively tie business objectives to technology execution.

Graphite Solution

Through Graphite, Zaelab was introduced to Chris C., a technology executive and strategic leader with a focus on online business models, product development, and marketing. In a recent project, Chris helped a global tech company with positioning of a major IoT operating system vs. open source and commercial alternatives, comparing features, pricing, and business models. As a VP at Forrester Research, Chris advised buyers and vendors about a range of digital technologies including commerce and marketing platforms. Chris also served as a COO and VP of Product at a successful tech company where he bought and implemented many enterprise technologies.

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