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Sephora, the #1 prestige beauty retailer in the U.S. and Canada, needed support on a new in-store employee education program. They were looking for prior experience at a top-tier consulting firm to help with the creation of an online survey to 100+ beauty brands and associated analysis, financial analysis on a new program to personalize employee gratis, codification of new master grid which provides guidelines for brands, and the establishment of a reporting mechanism to evaluate the effectiveness of brand rep visits.

Graphite Solution

Through Graphite, Sephora found Paul M., a Harvard grad and former McKinsey consultant with relevant experience in consumer goods/retail who had spent the last 5 years doing extensive independent consulting particularly for commercial due diligences. As the COO of an education technology company, Paul was deeply experienced with workplace training and education along with survey creation and analysis, financial analysis, and presentation creation.

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