New at Graphite: Browsing for talent just got easier

New at Graphite: Browsing for talent just got easier

It's easier than ever to find an investment banking consultant these days, even if it's for a very unusual need. New search filters make this possible.

Imagine you've got a highly specialized need for a capital raise project in, say, the energy sector, involving new technologies intended for markets that still need development, in a specific under-served corner of the globe. Your ideal consultant to handle such a project may be out there - but finding someone with the precise industry background, skill set, experience level and geographic location has always been a tough proposition.

Clients already familiar with Graphite's online job matching service have been able to filter searches for consultants by experience type and length of time in their field, which was helpful to a point. As we've seen more and more highly specialized roles getting posted here, we recognized we could do even better.

That's why today we are debuting a new set of search filters for browsing professional talent on our website. Now, in addition to type and length of industry experience, we're featuring an enhanced set of search criteria that includes:

- Keyword searches for specific terms of your choice

- Geographic locations by country and, for the U.S., by state

- Candidates who've already been reviewed on the site

We believe these enhancements will provide our clients with a better user experience that enables them to find good candidates with a lot less time spent browsing through resumes that aren't precisely relevant to their project needs. For our clients especially, time is a precious commodity. The less of it you have to spend searching for the help that will finally help you capture more of your own time in the end, the better.

If you haven't browsed our site lately to look for a professional investment banking, finance or marketing consultant, head on over to our Browse Professionals page and try out our new search filters. You may be surprised by the breadth of experience, unusual talents and long geographic reach represented by our consultants roster - but you'll never know until you try it.

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