5 Ways Strategy Consultants Can Fill Executive Roles – Without the Overhead

The advent of the on-demand concept came first to manufacturing, and by now it’s found in multiple sectors.  Applying it to human capital, it can add efficiencies at every level – from the classic example of calling up a ride to finding consultants for hire. Fueled by the development of online work marketplaces like Graphite, on-demand work is now disrupting or at least shifting fundamental views about staffing the corporate C-Suite, which often can be the last bastion of traditionalism.

Need a CFO or an Interim Controller right now? Forget the slow headhunter process. You can find a former Bain consultant or an ex-McKinsey consultant for hire with a few clicks, to serve only your immediate needs or maybe let them “try on” the job before you decide to make a permanent offer.

No matter how big or small your company, the growing global marketplace of professionals with executive experience means you can compete directly with the biggest players in your space and win. This is thanks to the number of extremely qualified professionals who’ve either decided or been forced to leave the corporate world and are finding their way to online work marketplaces like ours.

For some small firms and younger companies, outsourcing can have a powerful impact on growth, productivity and the bottom line. Here are five ways a strategy consultant can help fill out your C-Suite.

1. Get just the high-level knowledge you need without the heavy overhead. For example, you may not need to pay a CFO’s salary, but you could have a CFO-level consultant come in a few times each month to provide financial analysis and leadership direction to the bookkeeper and sales accountants. Or an interim controller who checks the accounts and manages reporting functions while your company is undergoing a big transition.

2. Get affordable, diverse expertise for the price of one person with a more limited skill set or experience. The freelancing model allows companies to harness the abilities of multiple consultants, often for the price of a single full-time hire with a more limited skill set. Few CMOs are expert at every multi-layered facet of marketing. Instead, hire several freelancers with specialized expertise in things like SEO, Public Relations or Content Marketing and assign their reporting to one of your core executives.

3. Never again have to re-invent a wheel. You can find a strategy consultant who’s solved a particular business problem before. Rely on someone who’s been there to avoid mistakes and missteps. If your company is about to enter a new market, it’s easier than ever before to find a consultant for hire who understands that particular market.

4. Widen your own business opportunities by leveraging their networks. Because freelancers typically rely on many different clients for business, their networks tend to be extremely well-developed. They can use these networks to introduce your business to valuable contacts or advisors who can add insight to your strategies. As with #3 above, you needn’t rely on the limited experience of your smaller, permanent executive team.

5. Delegate with confidence so you can stay focused on the road ahead. You don’t have to feel responsible for every move or decision, especially those that don’t play to your strengths. Finding a trustworthy expert to manage the big projects, expansions or transitions can be a psychic relief. Removing yourself from responsibility for multiple C-Suite roles can provide you with not just more time, but a clearer vision toward the road ahead.

Best Practice Tip: Consider distinct task-based agreements while you’re evaluating new freelancers, and transition to a fixed-cost retainer once you’re confident in their consistent ability to deliver.

After a brief and painless signup process on our website, you can browse through the entire list of Graphite professionals to see what kind of talent is populating the marketplace right now.


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